Competent and reliable partner

1.Accounting is a reliable partner of high quality, based in Satakunta, on matters related to corporate financial management.
Our company is an authorised member of the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms, and we have an AAA rating in the Soliditet credit rating. Our offices are located in Pori and Rauma. We serve Finnish companies regardless of their locality, even on a global basis.

Competent and reliable partner

1.Accounting has been in operation since 2005, offering the highest competence in various sectors of financial management. Extensive competence, expertise and excellent service have created a foundation for the success of our company.

Our method of operation is precise and customer-focused. We always serve every enterprise as its own entity – We tailor service needs according to each company’s wishes and cost efficiency. We operate by using mainly electronic channels, because digital solutions enable agile and effective services between the company, the accounting firm and the company’s stakeholders. The success of the partner company is of paramount importance for us;
in addition to our own services, we provide our clients with an extensive co-operation network consisting of professionals in various industries and sectors.

Our personnel is the greatest asset of our company

Our skilled and professional employees guarantee that you, as a customer, always receive the best service. Our employees are provided with regular training, so we have up-to-date information about reforms and provisions in our field. We are a pioneer in our industry; customer companies can trust us to manage their financial administration services. Besides day-to-day services, we also offer our customers relevant news and occasional training events.

“Our customers can trust us to manage their financial management services.”