Focus on your core business

1.Accounting is a skilled and diversified provider of financial management services. The premise of our operation is to support businesses in different industries with their financial management matters. We produce and compile valuable information to assist our partner companies with their business, and ease the financial management processes of our clients. The success of enterprises depends on many different factors. 1.Accounting has an extensive range of services from which we always tailor the best combination to meet your specific needs. Our experts are here for you.

Accounting is the most important function of a company

Up-to-date accounting is one of the most important management tools for monitoring the profitability of a company. Book entries made in the present anticipate the financial standing of a company and gives a clear advantage in decision-making.

Our customers are always at the centre of essential information. We prepare our accounts in accordance with the laws and regulations, ensuring that they create the necessary premise for the company’s financial management. We emphasis matters that are the most important for each company,
and we also pay attention to the company’s variable factors. Clear reports and attention to the correct aspects in accounting create even better possibilities for a company’s success. Every one of our clients is entitled to personal and highly skilled service.
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Electronic financial management services

Electronic services are available for businesses of all sizes . We offer easy-to-use system solutions, without expensive investments.
The Procountor system makes processing of sales and purchase invoices an effortless, real-time process. In addition, businesses can manage payroll and accounting with the same system without any effort. Electronic financial management can also be introduced in sections, depending on the needs of the company.

Any enterprise can manage some financial administration sectors by itself or, alternatively, outsource all of its financial management to us. Even with an outsourced service, the company can review the status of sales and purchase invoices and the accounts, in real time, by using the same system with us. Naturally, all reports are also available in an electronic format, with a view to the needs of company management.
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Professional services for various situations during company’s life cycle

Our diversified team of experts provides information and support for various situations during the company’s life cycle. Together with our extensive co-operation network, we help you find the most appropriate and suitable solutions for your company.
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  • establishment of companies
  • changes in company type
  • tax planning
  • optimisation of dividend distribution
  • development of business operations
  • generational handovers

Outsourcing of sales invoicing

An efficient invoicing service is an important factor in the management of receivables and for guaranteeing a rapid circulation of invoices. Outsourcing invoicing to us frees up time for the company’s actual business operations. In addition, we ensure that all invoices always contain the latest provisions on invoice requirements. Sales invoices can be forwarded as online invoices.
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Monitoring of sales receivables

Digital solutions between the accounting firm and the debt collection agency create an effective combination for monitoring receivables. Regular monitoring of sales receivables guarantees a short circulation of sales receivables and minimizes credit loss risks. We manage the monitoring of receivables on your behalf and report outstanding sales receivables at the agreed intervals. Whenever necessary, we also transfer outstanding sales receivables to the debt collection agency.
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Efficient operation through distribution of purchase invoices

We choose the most suitable solutions depending on the size of the company and the number of invoices. Electronic receipt and circulation of purchase invoices brings freedom from time and location. We can manage the processing and payment of purchase invoices, and the circulation of approval on your behalf, according to our agreement. We also provide reports on suppliers, products, outstanding purchase invoices and the equivalent for daily needs.
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Outsourcing of payroll administration

Outsourcing of payroll administration frees up resources for the company’s core operation. Our payroll experts manage payroll computation and reporting efficiently. We keep the customer up to date on amendments to collective agreements and in the management of other statutory obligations.

Tailored solutions for every company’s needs enable the outsourcing of every aspect of payroll administration, all the way to the payment process. Consultative and personal service is an integral part of our payroll services.
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