1.Accounting supports the growth of a security service entrepreneur

247 Satakunnan Turvapalvelut Oy is a diversified private security company. It provides security services and auxiliary services that increase the level of security throughout the Satakunta region. The company provides security for businesses and organisations across the spectrum: customers include units in the fields of industry, logistics, commerce, entertainment and leisure time. Its turnover has a focus on traditional industrial buildings, but an increasing number of private homes are also covered by its guarding duties. Sales Director Hannu Tarkkio says that their operation is based on customer orientation. “Our customers have very different needs for enhancing their security. For instance, elderly people often feel a sense of insecurity if they live alone. We implement a great number of tailored security solutions; for example, we install security technology and emergency phones, and remain on stand-by round the clock. We also provide care services in addition to actual security services. Thus we promote elderly citizens’ possibilities for living at home,” Tarkkio states.

Flexible and easy financial management frees up resources

Planning of shifts in the security sector is somewhat different from shift work in many other fields due to the obligation of presence. A planned personnel resource on the shift list must be fulfilled even when an employee becomes ill. “There is never a moment, even for a minute, when we have too little staff due to a case of illness. This is why the shift list undergoes constant changes, causing plenty of work for payroll computation and payroll administration as a whole. We have an excellent partial payroll calculation model with 1.Accounting, where the payroll service produced by our partner sends the data to the accounting firm that handles payments and book entries,” the Sales Director says.

In its operation, 247 Satakunnan Turvapalvelut uses Procountor, the electronic financial management system. It has brought the security company a great number of benefits by freeing up time resources and improving customer service. The company does not waste any more time dealing with receipts, and financial management matters can be handled regardless of time and place. “I don’t have to go to the office to open an invoice sent in an envelope, instead I can log in the service at home or abroad and manage invoices at a time that suits me best. This is an enormous advantage for an entrepreneur,” Tarkkio praises. The electronic system also improves the level of customer service. “If a customer has questions or wants to change invoicing practices, I can look up the customer’s sales invoices on the computer and give a response right away, on the phone.” Although the majority of financial management is handled electronically, he mentions that 1.Accounting provides excellent personal service. “I value the commitment and low turnover of personnel as both an entrepreneur and a customer. I think it’s great that they know us and can help us in the best way possible. This helps our company operate efficiently now and in the future,” Tarkkio concludes.