Cookies and usage data of sites

We use cookies and usage data to develop our services in accordance with the preferences of you and other users of the site.


A cookie is a small text file that the browser stores on the user’s device during a visit to a website. Cookies contain a unique identifier that helps identify the user’s terminal device. The data stored is made available to the website whenever the user moves around on the site or returns there.


Data collected with cookies is used to analyse the usability and use of the online service, improve its security, monitor its use and to develop the service.
The data can also be used for providing allocated communication, advertising and content in the online service and to measure and optimise marketing measures.
Cookies from marketing partners of the 1.Accounting online service enable the allocation and measurement of marketing on Internet sites of other companies that take part in marketing co-operation, in the “advertisement network”.


IP address, browser type, operating system, entry and departure sites, service provider, date and time details. Users cannot be identified by means of cookies alone, unless the user of the site specifically provides details, such as by writing their own name, email address, home or business address or phone number. For example, the site is unable to conclude the user’s email address unless the user has provided it there. Nor is the site able to access other data on the user’s computer.


Most browsers probably accept cookies by default settings. A cookie can be stored on a user’s computer permanently or it can be deleted after the service has been used. Users can give their consent to the use of cookies or prohibit it from their browser settings.

Using the site does not require accepting cookies, but it enables a better browsing experience. If cookies are deleted or blocked, the site may not function as intended. We respect the privacy of users of the site and are committed to ensuring the appropriate, secure and confidential processing of personal data.